Dokä is a system that connects and develops different entities simultaneously. The service comes from an agreement between Dokä and the municipality, the first offers the system while the second provides the camera to retiree’s users. Then, the retirees make their expertise available for an audience composed essentially of public entities such as schools, universities, and libraries. The active exchange between users and audience guarantees to the municipality the welfare of both parties, actively involving back retirees in society. Dokä system allows retirees to share their expertise in an interdisciplinary and intergenerational context in a practical and instantaneous way. 

Team: Paul R. Mayer, Anastasia Dell’oro, Ilaria Castelli, Mehrdad Heidary
The shape of the Dokä camera is simple and easy to use, and it is suitable for users and their needs. A magnetic clip fixes the product to the user’s clothing, allowing the audience to observe the set directly from the point of view of the retiree while the microphone transmits explanations and comments. In order to create effective contents, the Dokä package provides instructions to build supporting structures inspired by the DIY concept of pipes tripods. Simple PVC pipes become the key tool to support scenic elements such as lights, microphones, and alternative cameras. 
The product concept was guided towards something playful and elegant. Something that could make the user proud to wear but also fun to use it..
Elastic Headband, Magnet Case, Magnet Elastic Cover.
Each Accessory is designed to facilitate the broadcast activity by the retiree.
The Doka system reaches the audience through social media and advertising, along with the help of the municipalities to reach the retirees that will provide the courses. Doka platform will support the retirees to create and sustain an educational channel of knowledge, the live sessions will be stored in the platform as archives for a future audience. The mobile app will focus on the audience's experience, making it easy to learn and contact the retirees for guidance. 
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