Client Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul 
CONCEPT for Tesla Motors
YEAR 2016
Designed to facilitate the transportation of passengers in parts of the city where streets are tight; with an intense flux of pedestrians and other vehicles. An easy, fast, and friendly way to move in crowded city-centers, CityBus is an electric vehicle to move tourists and citizens to places that typical buses can't go.
In total, it is possible to accommodate 21 passengers: 9 sit, 1 wheelchair, and 11 standing. The interior values open spaces for passengers to move. It also allows cyclist passengers, having support for bicycles. The aim is to be versatile, allowing passengers as well with baby carriages, shopping strollers, and pets.The design goal is to be big on the inside and small on the outside. It has also built to have friendly characteristics lines on the front and the back.
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