The project developed for Product Service System Design Studio Interior Design. Our goal was to envision the chamber of commerce (CdC) of Milano in the future. CdC provided a brief for their needs at the moment and how they expect their services functions will change in the future. Following that information and realizing interviews with the employees and users, our group defined what we believe would be the future for CdC in 2024, and how this transformation would be done according to their current needs and our vision for the future. In order to do that we’ve created two new services (A and B) that would rethink the use of space inside CdC, how the services would connect CdC with society and impact positively Milano. After that, we render how those services would grow inside CdC and reflect into space. 
Team: Paul R. Mayer, Young Jae Jin, Daniela Vaccaro, Nicole Sacchetti , Ming Lu
Service A has the goal of facilitating companies to do Corporate Social Responsibility Projects in the Lombardy area. This service would use the needs and knowledge of Public Institutions, search for investors to fund the project and make an open call to assign the project to the most suitable companies. Service A is a CSR consultancy and Marketing promotion for the companies.
Service B has an educational purpose to use companies knowledge (tech, legal, finance) to teach innovation hub employees about an area related to the startup ecosystem. The goal is to boost knowledge through each hub startup. Because startups come and goes but the hubs will stay there and their acquired knowledge will have a longer impact.
1 Co-Working space Research Area
2 Meeting Room
2 Meeting Room
5 Waiting Area URP (front, back, head)
6 Traditional services Front-offices
Our group adapted the User Journey method according to what we believed could work better for our service development process. In this stage, we described every interaction in a visual timeline. Showing all the actors involved during each step. A diagram was developed to synthesize the service and present it in a fast and understandable way.
Step by step of our group approach to implementing the service in Camera di Commercio. 
How it would be the impact over time and how the services would grow inside the facilities.
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